Emerald Coast Chapter

We are the beach people. The surfers, paddle boarders, kayakers, fishermen, swimmers, beach runners, and walkers. We are activists who want to protect the ocean environment, and our access to it! The ocean and beaches are our playground! More Details
June 15, 2010

International Surf Day

ISD 20 June 2010
This year we will host international surf day at the beach at Spinnakers in Panama City Beach. This locale is as far from the oil as we can go. So join us!
Check out Spinnakers Facebook site; http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#!/event.php?eid=113358185373899

11am – Paradise Grill & Cantina Open with BBQ, Burgers, Seafood & the beach’s only beachside taco & margarita bar.

11am – Beach Opens with Paddle Boards, Jet Ski’s, Parasial, Kayaks, Volleyball & Banana Boat Rides are all avail or bring your own board or watercraft of choice.

12noon – DJ BeachHouse kicks off the day with a Beach Clean up!

3:30pm – Paddle Out & Prayer for Clean Water .

4pm – 20WT

6:30pm – Nothing Short of Pure

June 5, 2010

Oil and Health

As the oil continues to destroy life in the gulf, we water people have been ignored. While everyone seems focused on fishermen, tourists and economic impact, NO one is talking about long term effects on daily water users!
Over a million gallons of dispersant corexit 9500 have been sprayed in the gulf. Here is a link to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). http://www.inspectapedia.com/hazmat/Corexit_9500_UsCueg.539287.pdf
If you get Ill from being in the gulf, fill out an ocean illness form for surfrider. Find it at surfrider.org under the water quality tab.