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February 29, 2012

Known Unknowns in the BP Oil Disaster Trial

Known Unknowns in the BP Oil Disaster Trial

Tuesday 28 February 2012
by: Brentin Mock, Bridge the Gulf | Report

If the case doesn’t go to trial, the public won’t know what we don’t know, which to be fair could be a trivial amount of information or the worst of conspiracists’ suspicions. I’m told that it’s very likely, though, that this will go to trial, mostly because a global settlement is simple as plugging a blown out oil well. There are tens of thousands of individuals who are moving forward with lawsuits against BP with the force and velocity of an oil gusher. And even if most of those find their cases ineligible if just one that’s eligible “opts for trial rather than settlement, any information gathered during the course of discovery can potentially be disclosed regardless of whether other parties choose to settle,” says LeCesne.

Also, with a high likelihood that punitive damages may be applied against BP, much of the sealed information the public would want access to would come out during that phase of the trial when punitive damages are determined. Not only that, but things excluded from the trial like BP’s prior faulty safety record would be used in that phase of the trial —  actually “a cornerstone of the largest punitive damage award in history,” according to LeCesne.

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February 16, 2012

You can help the Gulf Coast! Support the Restore Act :

You can help the Gulf Coast!   Be heard today.   The Senate needs to know that the Restore Act is important to people of the Gulf Coast! Without specific legislation, fines from BP may not even be used to support the Gulf Coast. Don’t let this happen. Support the Restore Act and tell the Senate how to actually “Make it Right!

Follow the attached link for an easy way to contact your Senators: http://salsa.wiredforchange.com/dia/track.jsp?v=2&c=MwWFHTR2zTkQmUfwUuqeKKqFDT28OO8S



February 12, 2012

Washington DC Trip to Speak on OIl Spill Impacts

On February 7 and 8, representatives from the Emerald Coast Chapter traveled to DC to meeting with Gulf and Florida Legislators regarding the RESTORE ACT (legislation that will give 80% of the Clan Water Act Fines from BP back to the states that were impacted) as well as give testimony at the last Natural Resources Damage Assessment Hearing on the impacts we are still seeing from the oil spill. Below you will find photos of the groups meetings as well as their testimony that was submitted.


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Please take a moment and contact your federal legislators to let them know you SUPPORT the RESTORE ACT.

Recent Op-Ed on the Restore Act

February 9, 2012

New Oil/Tar ball Reporting App

We are pleased to announce that a new smartphone application has been developed to help us in the panhandle area to continue to mark where were are still seeing oil come to shore. If you are in this area and see tar ball or if you are offshore and see an oil slick your assistance in reporting it is greatly appreciated! Check it out!