Music and a Movie
Hey; tomorrow evening, wednesday 11 June at 7:30 at the Watercolor amphitheater on western lake drive, Ryan DeVore will host a surf movie night which starts with some music! check it out!

Paddle Board relay Race
On Friday, 13 June at 5:30, at Oyster lake by the causeway The relay race briefing followed by several heats of stand up paddle boarding! It should be a blast to just watch!

Beach Cleanup
On Saturday, 14 June at 9:00 we will gather at the public parking area that we fought for in miramar beach. Look for the surfrider banner. Being good neighbors we will start our summer beach cleanup series at this beach. Come join us and meet cool people. Bring a board or a kayak to get wet……. Because clean water…. is good for the soul !!!