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July 17, 2010 | 1 Comment

Surfrider speaks with the US Surgeon General in Pensacola 7-15-10

Emerald Coast Chapter board members, Mike Sturdivant and Tony D’eramo traveled to Pensacola on Thursday to speak with US Surgeon General Regina Benjamin. We informed her of problems such as lack of water testing, errors in reporting results, and the compounding of mental health issues as the government fails to provide essential services and information.

Video from the discussion:

Direct link to video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asyLJ1kPYRg

One thought on “Surfrider speaks with the US Surgeon General in Pensacola 7-15-10

  1. Charlie Gonzalez IV says:

    I am a local govt. Geographic Information System Manager and a surfer for over 36 years.
    Two weeks ago during cloudy weather two strange things happenned to me. 1) a large Blue Shark 9′ approx. swam sluggishly by me he/she was way too far inshore for the type of shark. Anyhow, it was visible in about a headhigh swell East of Pensacola along the Nartional Seashore. It stuck it’s head out of the water and openned and closed its mouth as if gasping then submerged and swam slowly out.
    Incedent 2) About two days later on a cloudy day small tarballs washed in each was surrounded by a clearish purple liquid that appeared to actually propel the tarballs as it escaped the center of the tarball.
    I rode about two to three more chest to head high waves and upon standing while turning to the right (frontside) I became really nauseated and weak. I actually bellied the wave in and had little energy when I got to the beach. I rested, drank some water and went home. The sick feeling was truly awful. I felt a cold sweat, my skin itched and I was faint with shades of white, green and grey skin tone. Dispersant, somethiing in the oil, I just don’t know. But I advise that those who are around tarballs, oil or strang looking sheens avoid prolonged contact.