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July 10, 2010 | 15 Comments


July 10th: We took water samples at Okaloosa Island Pier, Miramar Beach, Blue Mountain Beach, and Seaside. The samples have been shipped to a lab in Kelso, Washington. The results will be back in approximately one week and will be shared here. We will also provide our results to the DEP and County officials. We have a limited budget, so we will be analyzing for dispersant compounds only (DOS testing). If you would like to know about Oil, Benzene, Vanadium and other toxins, feel free to chip in and we will request the other analysis.

Each sample costs about $400 for the dispersant testing alone and we plan to monitor 4 locations locally. If you would like your beach monitored or have a particular toxin to check for, contact us and we’ll do our best to help you. This first round of water tests will cost $1600.

If you can donate to our “Clean Water” fund use our Paypal donate button (top right on the home page), or you can mail checks to us at PO Box 1891, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459. We have established a separate Surfrider bank account just for these donations, your contributions will be used only for this “Clean Water” campaign.

Thank you for taking action to protect our community!

15 thoughts on “WATER TESTING! You Can Help–DONATE!

  1. korbi says:

    this is grt!!! i donated!!! 🙂 thx for all ur efforts!!!

  2. You guys are doing an excellent job, keep up the great work. We are promoting your “Clean Water” campaign with a link to this page on our Chapter homepage.


    On behalf of the Palm Beach County Chapter,
    Todd Remmel

  3. […] I will follow up when they do… We here on the gulf have learned not to trust anyone envolved in this… not our fault but their dishonesty is why… Here is another organization that is doing independant testing.. WATER TESTING! You Can Help–DONATE! : Surfrider Foundation Emerald Coast Chapter […]

  4. Lynn says:

    I’m curious if you saw this report (http://www.wkrg.com/gulf_oil_spill/article/news-5-investigates-testing-the-water/906545/Jul-16-2010_11-42-pm/) and if anyone really knows what those numbers actually mean to human/marine life, ecosystem.

  5. admin says:

    Samples were shipped out on Monday. Unfortunately, we have experienced a significant problem with our laboratory regarding protocols and processing times. The results will be delayed. I will post more information here when it is available. We did also take samples in Pensacola on 7-15-10. These will go out for analysis with our second round. We will continue to take new samples while working on the lab problems. Check back …

  6. Jase Stewart says:

    Whats up dudes! I live in Bay County (Panama City Beach). I am a Surfrider Foundation member, and have been a surfer for many many years. I am going to school to become an enviormentalist studying in Coastal Marine Biology. If at all possible I would love for some test to be done down here at PCB. I know its a bit far from the main oil spill, but any knowledge will help. So ill def. donate, and if possible keep me updated on anything you hear, or anything I can do. Be eazy!

  7. Emerald Coast Surfrider says:

    Hey Jase, Good on you man! We’ll get you some in the field training for sure. We are ramping up our water testing program with a new local lab and will need to train sample takers like yourself. If you are able to come to our next chapter meeting, Tuesday Aug. 10, 6pm (at the South Walton County library conference room just off Hwy.331 in Santa Rosa Beach) we plan to have a lab tech present to train volunteers.

  8. Mike says:

    Went to the emerald coast surfriders dinner last night and there was a great turn out. Wish we could get some test results soon I miss the beach.

  9. Jase Stewart says:

    whats up dudes! I wasn’t able to make the meeting last night up in South Walton. Was just wondering if anyone could fill me in on the meeting and turnout? By the way happy surfing on the gulfcoast. Hopefully we will get some waves from this low pressure!!

  10. Concerned Local says:

    What ever happened with the results?

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  12. […] Help concerned citizens get and distribute timely, accurate info on the safety of local water http://www.surfrideremeraldcoast.org/2010/07/water-tests/ […]

  13. liamindsimp says:

    “This one will benefit the Surfrider Foundation.Catch Valient Thor with Caltrop and It Starts Today. October 26th @ 10pm. $10 for ages 18-20. 21 and up can simply make a donation to Surfrider at the …door!The show wil be at “The Break” in Gulfbreeze -65 via De Luna Drive.”
    What I can not believe!