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March 7, 2011 | 4 Comments

Surfrider Foundation: Brief videos showing use of UV to locate and remove dispersed oil

You may have seen our recent video on the new oil detecting technology Surfrider is helping to develop. Real time identification of dispersed oil is big news!  We no longer have to wait weeks to know what we are looking at on the beach.

The attached videos take it to the next level and demonstrate how this new technology can be used to make both detection and removal more efficient and more environmentally sensitive.  Have a look:

Dispersed Oil Detection

Line In The Sand

Light It Up !

Tar Mats

4 thoughts on “Surfrider Foundation: Brief videos showing use of UV to locate and remove dispersed oil

  1. RBailey says:

    Can you tell me if,are using just a regular “UV Light”? Would love to share some info with you! Hope to hear back!
    Keep up the excellent work!

  2. RBailey says:

    Just realized I missed your meeting this evening.Can you please tell me when the next is scheduled for-I’d love to come for a visit and share some info. We’ve been making lots of progress just East of you in Franklin County/Apalachicola,St.George Island…Keep up the awesome work,hope to hear back!

  3. Emerald Coast Surfrider says:

    Hi RBailey, the light is UV at 365NM which is a pretty common wavelength in UV lights. What is different about our light is the intensity. It is very high power, and has other features that makes it very suitable for our efforts. With a lower power light you may still be able to see the contaminants, but may have to have the light inches away. With less power, less bounces back. You may see it but it’s not likely that you will have enough fluoresce to photograph or video. And, it’s hard to sweep your way down the beach and cover some ground. The low power lights may work fine for going through a collection of stuff when you get back to the house though. They are all great for collecting plastic and other trash from the beach!

  4. RBailey says:

    Thanks so much fro the details on the UV light testing! We will be doing the same thing with the UV lights! Another question-will the suspected oil/dispersant illuminate a green color,as some of our samples did!
    Thanks again for all you all are doing!