This link will be down for just a bit while we edit a couple of typos and such… good time to remind folks, we’re just a bunch of surfers doing our best to help out!  Check back soon…

Here is a video meant to explain some of the science behind our current Surfrider oil disaster efforts. It’s complicated stuff, but after watching this, you will probably understand how it is that when we see the orange glow on our beach, we know it is BP dispersant and oil. Not from a seep, and not just some brown stuff.

Thank you Rip and Susan for all of your help on this project.  We have only just established the science part, still a lot of work to do on the ground if anyone would like to help.

Watch for more educational videos about the oil disaster as it relates to fish -crab and dolphin kills, algae blooms, and of course how it continues to contaminate our beaches.

Out of Sight Does Not Make it Right! We can hold our beaches to a higher standard than BP.  Insist that they remove the oil, not just make it small or cover it up with sand!  Do not support the cover-up!