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April 14, 2012

Blackbells New Release: “Deep Blue” Itunes download benefit our research!

Surfrider / Blackbells -Deep Blue (music video) from Michael Sturdivant on Vimeo.

The Emerald Coast Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation continues to conduct independent research following the BP Oil Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Members of the band Blackbells recently performed on Pensacola Beach, FL. While on the beach, the band met with Surfrider members and discussed the lingering impacts of the disaster. After that meeting, Blackbells produced the song “Deep Blue” to express their feelings about the disaster.

Blackbells has offered to release the single on itunes and provide all proceeds from downloads to the local chapter of Surfrider. The video seen here is a compilation of photos taken by the chapter chairman Mike Sturdivant during the oil disaster. Learn more about the disaster, our non-profit foundation, and research at: SurfriderEmeraldCoast.org

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